Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Have We Done?

These are my thoughts regarding the Presidential Election 2008.  I wonder how many people actually know anything about our President-Elect, Barack Obama.  I understand that he is charismatic and can give a killer speech, but underneath the shiny wrapping what do you know?  What kind of great things has he done in his life, and please don't say "well, he is a community organizer."  Ok, that is great, but give me something with a little bit of substance.  I wish people would have used their brains on this decision.  I myself LOVE this country and everything it stands for.  This country was formed so that we could have freedoms.  That we could live, love, worship, how, where or what we may.  I am afraid that some of our basic freedoms will be taken from us.  I am afraid that underneath this shiny exterior of our President-Elect Obama that there is someone that does not love this country.  His wife, our soon-to-be first lady, said that this is the first time she has been proud of our country....REALLY????  I just can't believe what we have done.  I know that things like this have to happen and that it is just fulfilling prophesy.  I pray that we as a country will STAY STRONG and keep our faith.  Conservatism is NOT DEAD and if you try to take away ANY  of my basic rights and freedoms you better believe there will be a fight.  This country is too great to be taken down without a fight.  God Bless America and I look forward to the time when Christ, our Lord and Savior, will come again to rule and reign.  When that blessed day does arrive the people of America and The World will then, and only then, experience the real CHANGE that we so desperately need.  Once again, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!  

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hendertucky Farms

I just wanted to say I am a proud "mamma" of of 12 baby chicks!!! They are going to be living in my backyard very soon. They are currently being kept warm and safe in my parents garage. I will never ever have to buy eggs again!! lol I hope to have pictures up sooner rather than later. Hope you all have a great night.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Losing Patience

I work for an optometrist here in Las Vegas. I also served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Quito, Ecuador. In Ecuador they speak spanish...therefore I speak spanish. However I will admit that I don't speak very well because I am lazy and I don't practice. It's not that big of a deal to me because I live in the states and the majority (99%) of the people I interact with on a daily basis speak english (ingles). I do try and accomodate our wonderful spanish speaking patients and help them in their native tongue when they need it. Most of the time they are very appreciative of me and my struggle. The other day I was helping this lady that didn't speak a lick of english and she needed me to talk to her husband to get the credit card information. I got on the phone with him and he started spittin' out numbers at me in spanish and in my broken spanish I asked him to please slow down and repeat it. He then said to me (in english mind you) "You don't speak spanish very good do you" and that time I told him to "hold on" and I handed the phone to my spanish speaking co-worker. What I wanted to say to this man was "F" you!! You live in my country where we speak english, not spanish!! If you and your family are going to live in my country learn MY LANGUAGE. Seriously it pisses me the hell off. I was trying to help him and his wife!!!! Then he was a freakin' jerk to me. Go to hell!!! Ok...I feel better. Seriously though...y'all wonder why the majority of american citizens lose patience with you.